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Client Testimonials

Updated: Mar 25

A Border Terrier Dog holds a drop stay
Basil the Border Terrier

We cannot recommend Keryn highly enough, her training method and program are transforming our lovable but feisty Border Terrier Basil into a lovable responsive dog able to use self-control to overcome his previously spontaneous reactive behaviours. During our Cheeky Dog Foundation training course, Keryn provided us with a comprehensive 'toolbox' of training skills presented in a clear, logical and well-structured progression. The change in his behaviour during the few short weeks of the course has been remarkable and is continuing to improve in the weeks since the course.

Three dogs hold a drop stay
Basil holds his drop with Jaffa and Miki

Keryn always made herself available to answer questions 'out of school hours' which has been a godsend when we encountered little hiccoughs in our translation of her training methods. In summary, Keryn provided a thorough and well-thought-out program which was comprehensively communicated by an absolute professional. We will certainly be undertaking more training sessions once we have consolidated our foundation training.

You will be doing your dog and yourself a favour when get Keryn to guide you on your training journey.

Geraldine & Paul with Basil the Border Terrier 10.3.2024 (In-Home program)

a German shepherd puppy
Kevin as a puppy

We have worked with Keryn with our current German Shepherd, Kevin and our previous Shepherd Mickey over the course of a few years now. It truly has been one of the best investments we’ve made, resulting in two very well-mannered dogs that we were, and are now, proud to take anywhere with us.

More importantly, Keryn has given us lifelong skills to be confident in dealing with any issues that may present themselves in the future.

We’ve dealt with dog reactivity with Mickey through to cheeky puppy and stubborn teenage issues with Kevin. Nothing is too much for Keryn, she encourages you to face any issues you’re having rather than ignore or hide away from them so that you can confidently move forward without that specific issue being a problem again.

A German shepherd
Young Kevin on his first head halter

She is highly skilled at her profession and has a natural ability to be able to communicate what she is trying to convey to both dog and humans so that everyone is on the same page. Most importantly is that she is always approachable, it’s clear that she truly cares And that she’s passionate about what she does and the well-being of her clients.

We were lucky to be able to use the online puppy course when we were in lockdown with our new puppy during Covid lockdowns. The videos were very clear to understand and we could do them at our own pace, the course also included access to the private Facebook classroom page and weekly class Zoom meetings, giving peace of mind, knowing that Keryn was always available to contact if we needed to and on the occasions that we did, she always replied, promptly with great, clear advice. This foundation course is what helped shape the amazing three-year-old boy we have today.

Four dogs holding a drop
Kevin holds his drop at the park with my team

After the online puppy course, we moved to the online canine adolescent course and combined that with once-a-month, one-on-one personal sessions, where Kevin was able to interact with Keryn's amazing little canine team and further work on anything we felt needed addressing in the home. Then we would all venture out together including Keryn's dogs and experience all types of places and scenarios together, cafes, parks, markets and weekend sporting events, just to name a few, which introduced so many different elements and stimulations with everything going on around us.

All training combined, we now have a very calm dog that is a pleasure to take out into the public and we always get compliments on his behaviour. Being able to take him with us most places we go enhances his life too as he’s always one very happy doggy when he gets to come along with us.

I would highly recommend Keryn to anyone who is looking to have a happy, reliable, well-rounded dog in their lives.

Julie and Rod & Kevin the GSD 31.10.2023 (Online Program & In-Home Program)

two poodle dogs
Kylo (left) with my dog Miki

Keryn has been a fantastic trainer with each lesson tailored to what my dog required most work in. Keryn's in-depth knowledge and training style has taught us not only how to effectively communicate with my pup but also not be reliant on treats to get him to listen.

I could not recommend Keryn enough to fur parents needing some help. Thank you so much for the engaging and rewarding experience for both me and my pup.

Yasna & Kylo the Schoodle 1.11.2023 (In-Home Program)

We highly recommend Keryn from A New Leash on Life. Keryn was knowledgeable and supportive from the start - we’ve worked with a number of trainers over the years and Keryn is hands down the best trainer we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

She has taught us how to communicate effectively with Ted, without the need for treats to get the behaviour we want. And this is what was missing; we didn’t realise that Ted didn’t really understand what behaviours were acceptable or unacceptable because we didn’t know how to communicate with him.

While we still have a ways to go, we are confident that we are heading in the right direction. Keryn has taught us the foundations that we need and we will keep at it. We hope to one day see Keryn and the gang again because it has been such a great experience for Ted and for us.

Working with Keryn has been such a great experience for our family and we 100% recommend A New Leash on Life to anyone and everyone that wants to build a strong bond with their fur babies.

Rebecca Guster & Ted the Toy Poodle 16.9.2023 (Enrolled in In-Home Program)

Highly recommend Keryn and A New Leash on Life. I’m located in another city and her virtual program really hit the mark with our puppy. Besides this, the amount of online support that Keryn provides is above and beyond what I could ever have expected. She is non-judgmental, extremely knowledgeable and a bit of a dog-whisperer!

Megan Stephenson & Soda the Cocker Spaniel 19.6.2023 (Enrolled in online puppy program)

Keryn is an amazing trainer. Over the years I have had private lessons, group sessions and was lucky enough to be part of a Professional Dog Trainer's Course that she was instrumental in providing. She helped so much with my boy who had issues with other dogs. She's a superstar I would recommend her training to anyone.

Sharyn Thompson with Leiha the German Shepherd 26.6.2020 (Enrolled in online puppy program)

Keryn is absolutely amazing and she gets results highly recommend.

Nathan Nish with Sparky the Terrier & Red the Cattle Dog x 23.7.2020

Highly recommend Keryn. Guys we had her on multiple occasions with our 2 dogs our older dog didn’t like it much but our big dog absorbed the information and to this day nearly 2 years ago he still does every command taught to us by keryn so don’t hesitate to get her on board. Your dog & mind will definitely say thank you. 5 stars for sure.

Nathan Nish 16.9.2023

Keryn has been nothing but amazing through my puppy training experience! She answered all my silly questions in record time and had amazing knowledge surrounding so many topics. She has allowed for me to create an amazing puppy who is well-trained around the home, making puppy life so much more enjoyable !!

Britney Church with Slinky the Dachshund 28.10.2020

(Enrolled in online puppy program)

A New Leash on Life has been amazing for us during the lockdown and the online course has our Luna walking better (not trying to pull us everywhere), sit and stay. And Keryn has been very helpful with toilet training. Luna still has an accident here and there but nothing like before. It’s been amazing. I recommend the course. Thank you so much.

Natalie Bestenbreur with Luna the Husky 28.10.2020

(Enrolled in online puppy program)

Could not recommend Keryn more highly. I feel like I have a new dog and am much more confident in setting boundaries and handling him. Keryn has a comforting and gentle approach which was really important for me.

Holly Jordan with Cashew the Staffy x 19.11.2020

(In-home training to top up her therapy dog course and prepare for certification)

Keryn has been amazing. She provided clear and concise answers to my ongoing questions. She provided rich and achievable techniques. I really enjoyed her training approach which was different from what I had done previously. Her well-structured program has worked well for our pup Floyd. I highly recommend working with ‘A New Leash on Life’.

Nikki Ashman with Floyd the Bassett Hound 2.12.2020

(Enrolled in Puppy Preschool)

We cannot recommend Keryn enough!! Our 10-month-old cavoodle, who thought she was human, completed the 20-day Homestay program and came back home completely transformed. Keryn was able to teach us (incl kids aged 9 & 11) the importance of boundaries and consistency, how to give clear and concise commands and how to have good manners. We are absolutely thrilled with Keryn's hard work, as time-poor parents juggling the demands of work and kids, the homestay option was worth every cent. The only thing we regret is not contacting her sooner!!!

Tanya Petrolo with Missi the Cavoodle 31.1.2021

(Homestay program including in-home sessions)

Keryn is an amazing trainer. Our labradoodle Charli was out of control. We have never owned a dog like this and we have had many. We had 4 one on one lessons at our home with Keryn and her boys Zander and Jaffa. She gave us the tools to allow us to be better and in charge of Charli and because she is fairly well-behaved now we all get on better together. No more zooming around the house. She listens more to what we are saying. Well worth the effort and cost.

Linda Ann with Charli the Spoodle 25.5.2021

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

I was frustrated with my dog as she bit my partner, and could not be trusted around my grandchildren or visitors. With Keryn’s help, I have realised that I need to manage Diva (our dog) for my peace of mind. She taught me discipline and boundaries to input with Diva. I also found that voice control etc was better than using food rewards.

I now realise that there is no such thing as a “quick fix” but with patience and using Keryn’s teachings, we can enjoy doggie ownership.

Ilona Hansen with Diva the Chinese Crested Powderpuff 11.7.2021

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

We have just finished the 10-week adolescent course with our three-year-old German Shepherd. We absolutely loved it. Initially, when speaking to Keryn we were hesitant to take part in an online course but due to lockdowns, we decided to go with it. If like in our house all adults work full-time and you have young kids or other commitments being able to jump on and watch the videos at any time you like is perfect.

Honestly, it is meant to take 10 weeks but it has taken our family longer and we were not kicked out of the course or Facebook group when the 10 weeks were up.

I did not have to find a dedicated time to work with Keryn and it really worked for our family.

Keryn has an amazing amount of knowledge and is able to explain clearly what you need to do as well as adds videos in so you can see first hand.

Our dog was able to pick up all the basic commands and skills almost immediately and is honestly a changed dog. In some areas, we still have a long way to go but thanks to this training we now have the knowledge to do so and our dog will learn through repetition.

I look forward to enrolling in the add-on classes in a few weeks to take his training even further.

Kristen Berry with Sterling the German Shepherd 28.11.2021

(Enrolled in online program for Adolescent dogs)

Keryn was professional and personable. She helped us turn our unruly teenager into a calm, well-behaved “bestest boy”. She took the time to discuss the different stages of training, so we know how to progress him further, as time goes by. She happily explained techniques until all members of the family understood. Given our dog was a first dog for the entire family, Keryn had her work cut out for her, but our “bestest boy” really shined under her guidance.

Rebecca Mapleson with Freddy the Standard Poodle 21.2.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

I got onto Keryn from a mutual friend of ours, and boy am I glad that we met! Keryn and the pooches (Zander, Miki & Jaffa) have been absolutely amazing! My girl Nala didn’t have big problems but we wanted to fine-tune some really good training habits and get some further direction on how to test our training out more.

We both learnt so much and our bond is now even stronger and our training has come leaps and bounds since doing our private sessions with Keryn! She was a pleasure to work with, super professional and definitely knows her stuff! We had so much fun and we can’t wait to catch up in the not-so-distant future to show keryn how well we have gone with our homework that she has set for us

Bianca Dalwood with Nala & Kevin the Kelpies 23.2.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Keryn has helped our family so much! Our chocolate lab was a handful with so many behaviours that we didn't know how to manage. She not only trained our dogs, but she trained us as well and we are forever grateful! Our home is a lot more peaceful and structured. 10/10!

Ashlee Byrne with Molly & Bean the Labs, Alaska the Golden Retriever & Marble & Peach the Chihuahua girls 17.8.22

(Enrolled in In-Home program x3)

Keryn is wonderful to work with. Her knowledge of dog behaviour and training makes you learn something new every session! Her instructions and explanations are clear and easy to put into practice. It has been amazing to see the changes even after the first session - Ollie's drops have never been so good! Looking forward to learning more! Thanks, Keryn!

Adriana Christina with Ollie the Spoodle 22.8.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Treasure was a 7mth old handful before we were so very blessed to find A New Leash on Life Dog Training. Keryn’s tremendous knowledge, practical advice, family-wide approach, positive reinforcement and patience was exactly what we needed. From the first minute I spoke with Keryn I felt less anxious; offering invaluable tips, gentle reassurance and care. Thank you also to Keryn’s demo dog Zander who offered a highly effective element to an all-round positive experience.

Alison Maiden with Treasure the Mini Schnauzer 2.4.2021 (Homestay program including In-Home sessions)

I recently undertook the super dog training package with Keryn for my 2 dogs - Bertie the mini schnauzer and Rocco the west highland terrier. Keryn was professional from the get-go and really listened to my concerns. She is so insightful, knowledgeable and patient and helped my husband and I and our dogs to develop valuable habits that have since positively changed their behaviour. Since training with Keryn, we have received many comments from visitors to our home about how much better-behaved and well-mannered our dogs are. We highly recommend Keryn's services!

Lucy Alfonso with Bertie the Mini Schnauzer & Rocco the West Highland Terrier 10.5.2021

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Keryn has made such a difference in our lives by giving us the tools to make us better owners/parents and Charli better behaved and more adorable. She was out of control. We have learnt so much from her and her charming dogs Zander and Jaffa. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of help with their puppies or dogs.

Linda Shore with Charli the Spoodle 25.5.2021

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Keryn and her beautiful dogs were absolutely amazing. Keryn listened to the concerns I had working with my dog, Teddy and showed me step-by-step how to improve my dog handling skills.

Keryn was amazing during the snap lockdown and even though we had to cancel a few sessions because of it, ensured that Teddy and I got all our sessions in before we partake in certification as an advanced therapy team this week.

I’m feeling so much more confident in my abilities since working with Keryn and appreciate all her time, effort and her patience that she showed with Teddy and I.

Evita Lopez with Teddy the Cavoodle & Phoebe the Groodle 20.6.2021

(In-home sessions to top up her therapy dog training and prepare for certification)

Meeting and working with Keryn has been amazing. She is so passionate about what she does and so caring towards her clients and their dogs. Her sessions are so informative and I would definitely recommend.

Justine Sharman with Indi the Golden Retriever 7.7.2021

(Enrolled in Puppy Preschool)

Highly recommend working with Keryn at A New Leash on Life. We completed the puppy combo training package which proved to be the perfect combination of online theory, videos, informative sessions, practical advice, and private lessons to help us raise and support a confident, well-mannered, socialised and engaged puppy.

James Collard with Reggie the Labrador 3.8.21

(Enrolled in Combination online/in-home puppy program and then the adolescent online program)

We chose to do a Homestay for our dog Toto and have been thrilled with the results. From 1st contact with Kerryn, the training, the communication throughout to the follow-up and continued support we can not speak highly enough of Keryn’s method. She is dedicated to her craft and committed to the dogs (and families) she trains. Thank you, Keryn (Zander and Jaffa)

Kylie Wilson with Toto the Cavoodle 11.10.21

(Homestay program including In-Home sessions)

We’ve trained with Keryn since our German Shepherd Winnie was a young puppy and cannot recommend her enough! It’s been the best investment in our dog we could’ve made. The training method used is incredibly effective and a great foundation to build on going forward. Keryn gave us all the tools needed to work with Winnie ourselves in between sessions, and she was always available via phone for any issues that inevitably come up when raising a puppy! Keryn brings her dog to training sessions which was so great for helping Winnie learn polite dog play and interactions. Thank you so much Keryn for helping Winnie to become such an amazing dog! We couldn’t be happier with her progress.

Cora Place with Winnie the German Shepherd 7.11.2021

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

It has now been six months since we finished our training, and I find that I have learnt so much about dogs with our lessons. I am always still trying to put into place the things that I have learnt. This makes our time with our dog so much easier. When I am not sure of something I still send a text to Keryn for clarity. The follow-up is amazing. Thank you. We really appreciate the help.

Ilona Hansen with Diva the Chinese Crested Powderpuff 25.1.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

What a fantastic experience it has been working with Keryn! We opted to use Keryn's combination program and have found it so convenient and flexible. We are so happy with the progress our golden retriever has made under Keryn's patient and calm approach. She took the time to understand our needs and help us focus on the things that were most important and giving us the tools to deal with a variety of situations. Not only do we see a huge improvement in Holly, we feel so much more confident in how we deal with her (let's face it, we were probably the ones who needed training). Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Keryn!

Laina Brebner with Holly the Golden Retriever 27.1.2022

(Enrolled in a Combination Online/In-Home program)

Keryn has made being dog parents so much more enjoyable. We had a nervous set in his ways 9-year-old Dalmation and a rambunctious in-your-face Dalmation puppy, life was getting very stressful. Now we have a calm disciplined lovely 9-year-old and a knows-his-place one-year-old. Keryn’s rules were easy to follow, our dogs loved her and our world has opened up again. Couldn’t recommend Keryn’s training more, she is incredible!

Melanie Strathdee with Cuba & Django the Dalmation brothers 30.3.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Being a dog owner requires responsibility - a huge part of that is knowing how to communicate with your dog. I have two boys- one a rescue who has separation anxiety and the other I owned from a puppy who has no fear. Both boys are relatively well-behaved but easily distracted.

Keryn helped me identify undesirable behaviours and stop it before occurring rather than correcting the behaviours after the event- the distinction is important and makes life so much easier.

Keryn has a fair but firm no-nonsense approach which made the training really easy to master and the techniques are readily transferable to any situation. Highly recommend!

Sarah Gales with Billy & Jasper the Bichon brothers 19.4.2022

(Enrolled in a Combination Online/In-Home program)

Keryn has helped my little Dachshund come so far he was so scared and would never listen in the beginning after few sessions he is now listening to commands me is more open to strangers.

The convenience of her coming to your home is also great too!

Thanks again

Kellie Wouters with Ryder the Dachshund 26.5.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Keryn is an excellent trainer and a good human. We really enjoyed working with her as she explained not only what to do but why in order to help not only our family enjoy our fur baby but for him to also enjoy his place in the family. If you're interested in this style of training then you should give Keryn's method a try.

Phil Osborn with Elvis the Cavoodle 22.7.2022

(Enrolled in a Combination Online/In-Home program)

Our family was REALLY struggling with Taco, our adorable yet hyperactive Mini Groodle puppy, to the point we weren’t sure we’d be able to keep him. After training with Keryn, Taco is now super chilled and so much more obedient. It’s like he’s a brand new dog and he's fitting in our household so much better than before.

Keryn has given us real confidence in looking after him and continuing his training. Thank you so much Keryn, you have truly given Taco and my family 'A New Leash on Life’.

Geoff Saffer with Taco the Mini Groodle 11.8.2022 (Homestay program)

We are so grateful to Keryn for working with us and helping us learn to train our two pups (Alaskan Malamute & Bernese Mountain Dog). Keryn created a training plan that was tailored to our lifestyle and needs, and her training style worked for both our very different dog breeds/temperaments. Thank you so much for the positive experience and strengthening the partnerships we want to form with our dogs.

Carrie Watt with Bandit the Malamute and Smokey the Bernese Mountain Dog 11.11.2022

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Keryn was absolutely incredible! She explained everything so clearly and logically and with so much patience. Our rescue Lab mix went from being a rowdy teenager

to a wonderful, happy and attentive companion. Highly recommend Keryn and her services!

Katie Lev with Cora the Labx 15.3.2023

(Enrolled in an In-Home program)

Fantastic work I had my two Dachshunds a part of the intensive home training program. My dogs were cared for and treated as part of Keryn’s family. I was updated daily on my pup’s progress and how they were dealing away from home which was very reassuring. A handover session was to finish where there was a clear handover procedure with cheat sheets emailed to me in case I’d forgotten on the day.

Contact with Keryn was within a few minutes making it really easy if I had any questions or concerns. This method of training has been so beneficial to our family environment and would highly recommend to anyone who is after behavioural training.

Kiara Jasper with Lola & Nala the Dachshund pair 28.11.2022

(Homestay program including In-Home sessions)

Recently completed puppy preschool with pup at the Cockatoo Creek Vet with Keryn and it was fantastic. Keryn was extremely knowledgable and experienced and explained everything so well to us. We implemented some of the methods she has taught and we're seeing some great results already. My partner and I got a wealth of information from the 4 weeks we spent with Keryn. Highly recommended.

Brady Russell & Betty the Samoyed puppy 16.4.2023

(Enrolled in Puppy Preschool)

As an online learning platform, I have found this quite effective. Keryn's videos are informative, giving the why as well as the how. She includes real examples of her working with puppies who are just learning so you can see what to do and not to do!

The regular video calls are also really helpful as Keryn will answer any question and set you on the right track. She's really practical and never makes you feel like you're silly or asking a dumb question.

It's obvious she loves dogs and is good at what she does.

Definitely recommend this course for anyone who needs to use an online platform.

Jo Lush with Pippi, Spud & Molly the Kelpie puppies 13.4.2023

(Enrolled in Online puppy program)

Duncan and I have a really good bond and relationship now thanks to you! He used to be a bully and push me around and knock me over. He is becoming a well-behaved boy and really sweet.

Robyn & Duncan the Labradoodle 24.10.2022 (In-Home Program)

Heaps of support provided with training! Great online course! Lots of fun! I have a Pup who is on the way to excellent manners. Thank you.

Crystal Bentvelzen & Mack the Bulldog 8.11.2020

Keryn’s knowledge and approach to dog training is amazing. It’s easy and logical for us as dog parents to understand and with consistency, our puppies are responding incredibly well!

I couldn’t recommend Keryn more, our sessions are so enjoyable and productive that as we approach the end of our package I’m considering buying another one so it doesn’t have to end!

Thank you Keryn, we are so appreciative of your passion and expertise!

Emily Doogan & Lilly the Border Collie and Indi the Cavalier x 15.8.2023

Couldn’t recommend Keryn enough! She has a wealth of knowledge and makes you feel comfortable within your sessions! She is always available to provide feedback and encourages you when needed!

Skye Kolar with Ned & Nala the Labradors & Louis the German Wirehaired Pointer 31.8.2023

Keryn was great. The program gave us lots of easily implemented instruction to get our beautiful crazy girl under better control. Highly recommend Keryn and her puppy assistants.

Jennifer & Milly the Cavoodle 22.3.2024


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