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Getting Started

With A New Leash on Life Dog Training

Labrador caught chewing cushions

Not sure what you need or where to begin?


Initially, I suggest, not worrying about making a program choice, just make contact by sending me an email, private message on social media, or giving me a call.

Once I know more about you, your dog and your situation I'll be able to make some recommendations.

Four dogs hold a Drop stay

For those who are within my catchment, we usually begin with a single in-home session so that you understand the training method and its requirements, and I understand your situation fully before recommending the best way to proceed.


Our introductory private session is a full lesson, an introduction to the training method and an assessment of your situation and training requirements. I'll loan you some equipment to try if I feel that you need more control so that you don't need to rush out and buy anything and I'll leave you with some homework - obedience and behavioural - so that if you'd like to go on to choose a package we are already well on our way to our desired outcome.

A Toy Poodle holds a sit stay

From there most people would choose a package. Which package will vary depending upon the dog, the issues and your aims, but a package is a much more economical way to go, and they can be tailored to some extent ie tailored towards puppies or tailored to deal with aggression. Once we have worked through our introductory session I'll make some recommendations for those who wish to continue on with a program.

For those clients who are outside my catchment, we'll talk through the online program and how best to apply it for your dog or puppy, and what sort of practice and reinforcement will be needed to achieve the desired outcome.

Not quite ready to get started yet?


I'm still more than happy to chat with you so that we can plan for the future so feel free to contact me any time.

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