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About Us

A New Leash on Life Dog Training

Hi, I'm Keryn, the heart behind A New Leash on Life Dog Training. 

I'm passionate about one thing: helping you and your dog build a life together. A life that is enjoyable, living large and harmonious.

Our aims: 

Here at A New Leash on Life, it's just me and my dogs. They are my family, my teammates and my reason to get up in the morning. 

Together, we're on a mission to:

  • bring harmony to your home and peace to your mind

  • help get dogs out of their backyards and enjoy life, being the best that they can be

  • keep dogs out of pounds and shelters - we are also a foster home


From obedience basics to social skills. From bad manners to behavioural challenges. Whether you have a new puppy, an adopted dog, or a dog with a long-standing issue I can help.

Our approach: 

I believe in balance. Not only in training your dog but in living life together too. That means harnessing the power of positive reinforcement and rewards. That also means making it clear when they are doing the wrong thing.

I believe that dog owners like you deserve the choice to be able to say no to their dogs without feeling guilty. I want to give you the choice to train without food and make that work for you. I want you to have the choice to choose results over public opinion.

A New Leash on Life Dog Training

Meet the crew: 

My dogs often play a crucial role in our training sessions. Sometimes the whole program or part of it, depending on your dog, their issues and your aims. They're not just pretty faces; they're part of the team. They help me to demonstrate obedience and provide behavioural examples. They can, and do, provide invaluable support along the way with social skills.

Why choose us: 

When you choose A New Leash on Life, you're not just investing in dog training, you’re learning to live a new lifestyle. And yes you should look at it as an investment. Remember, this dog will be with you for many years to come. 

Try my simple and practical approach to training and rehabilitation. In no time you'll feel more connected with your dog and empowered to communicate with them.

Ready to start this journey together? Drop me a line today.

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