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In Home Dog
Training Programs

Bean the Labrador pinching food

During your private dog training sessions at home...

Do you long to feel the joy and satisfaction of beginning to build a life-long relationship with your new best friend, without the frustration that both puppy and owner often feel when they are just not communicating on the same level?

During our time together, you’ll grow to truly know and understand your dog. What do they like, dislike, fear, worry about or truly excel at – and form the type of bond that only comes from a deep and mutual relationship, and shared experiences? That way you can truly help them deal efficiently with any emerging fears or anxieties, or the fallout of an unexpected bad experience.

I'll help you work through their obedience challenges and behavioural issues as they arise, making sure that you never arrive at a state of serious regret, frustration, or devastation, rather you feel only deep pride and satisfaction in them, knowing that you are their forever just as they are yours.

I'll help you achieve all of the above with my

convenient and personalised service which includes...


In-Home Lessons

Our private training sessions in your home will cover obedience commands, handling skills, correct tonal usage, rewards & consequences, general day-to-day manners & reinforcement, boundary setting and behavioural problem-solving. I can advise you on how many I think you'll need once I've heard more about your issues and aims.



One (per dog) top-quality Black Dog Wear training halter or training collar is included with your package, and I'll fit it and show you how to use it correctly. You'll need to provide an appropriate lead and day-wear collar.

Emergency Support – Call Me!

Call me on my business phone number in an emergency and I’ll prioritise your call, 2 calls included so use them when you need personal and immediate help.


Training Cheat-Sheets

I’ll provide a written breakdown of each obedience command and the important points that you should always be covering with them. This is perfect so that you have something you can refer to when practicing.

Border Terrier in a drop stay
Group of dogs in a Sit Stay

Choose your program length:


Cheeky Dog Program - 4 Session Program

  • Perfect for those dogs who have done training before

  • Perfect for those owners who have trained a previous dog with us

  • Suitable for dogs with non-severe behavioural issues


Super Dog Program - 6 Session Program

  • Perfect for dogs or puppies who have not done training before and who have non-severe behavioural problems

  • Recommended for any dog who needs a solid foundation in obedience, manners and socialisation


Mega Dog Program - 8 Session Program

  • Recommended for dogs with severe behavioural problems

  • Perfect for those dogs with multiple behavioural problems

  • Ideal for owners who have a special or advanced outcome in mind eg wanting to go on to therapy dog training or perhaps you aim to take your dog caravanning around the country next year

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