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 TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Online Courses/Programs)  


Keryn Leigh Bardwell ABN 23 697 103 501 trading as A New Leash on Life ("A New Leash on Life") teaches you how to train your own dogs to be the best they can be with strategies including obedience, good behaviour shaping, boundary setting, socialisation, behavioural modification and/or management strategies providing the best possible chance for success.


From time to time, A New Leash on Life will offer additional programs to which these terms and conditions apply unless otherwise stated. 


These Terms and Conditions (the "Agreement") is a legally binding contract between you (the "Program Participant") and A New Leash on Life.  They apply to the purchase and delivery of your selected Program.


You are deemed to have accepted the terms in this Agreement upon payment of your selected Programs' fees. 


1.          Term

1.1.       This Agreement will begin upon payment of the advertised Programs fees. 

2.          Programs  

A New Leash on Life currently offers the following programs:

2.1        New Puppy Parents – Raise Them Right! – 12 weeks $327

2.2        Creating my Canine Teen-Angel - 12 weeks $497

2.3        Tackling the Covid Impact – Separation Confidence Builder for Dogs – 12 weeks $497 

2.4        Possessive Pooch Rehab! – 12 weeks $497

2.5        Raising Fido through Thick & Thin – 12 months $4,997 

3.          Program Content Delivery and Access

3.1        All courses are delivered via pre-recorded videos hosted on the Thinkific course platform accessed by Participants. 

3.2        A new module is available to the Participant every week for eight (8) weeks. 

3.3        Access to all modules is available to the Participant for the lifetime of the course.

3.4        All courses include 12 weeks of active support via online classroom and Zoom. 

3.5        Each Participant may complete their selected Program at their own pace.  

3.6        Participants are encouraged to complete all modules and trial the learnings with the Participant's own dogs. 

3.7        Participants are given access to their course programs for eight (8) weeks, except for Raising Fido through Thick &                       Thin lessons which are accessible for twelve (12) months. 


3.8        Fortnightly Zoom sessions

3.9        Training resources (pre-recorded sessions)

3.10     Private Facebook Group

3.11     Email reminders 


3.12     All programs require self-study, practice and reinforcement with the Participant's dogs. 

3.13     Coaching or 1:1 sessions are not included in the Program. 

4.          Fees and Payment

You understand and agree:

4.1       All Program fees are as advertised on the website. 

4.2       Full payment of the advertised Program fee at purchase is required before any program's commencement.

             Payment Plans

The following payment plans are available:

4.3       New Puppy Parents – Raise Them Right! – $87.50 x 4 payments

4.4       Creating my Canine Teen-Angel - $200 x 3 payments

4.5       Tackling the Covid Impact – Separation Confidence Builder for Dogs – $200 x 3 payments

4.6       Possessive Pooch Rehab! – $200 x 3 payments

4.7       Raising Fido through Thick & Thin –$TBC x 12 payments

4.8       All fees are in Australian Dollars and include GST. 

4.9       Payment plan payments are set up and accepted via credit card.

Late payments

4.10    Failure to pay at any time is a breach of this Agreement, and we are entitled to seek legal relief and remedy for this                       breach and recover the debt you owe. 

4.11    Outstanding accounts will be referred to a third party for debt collection


4.12    A New Leash on Life reserves the right to vary any fees.

4.13    Fee changes will not affect you and will only apply to a new round of program delivery.

5.          Refund Policy 

You understand and agree:

5.1       You may request a refund for any reason with a written request submitted within seven  (7) days of purchasing the    Program. 

5.2       Refund requests submitted after seven (7] days will not be considered. 

5.3       Refund requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. 

5.4       If Program material has been provided, regardless of your access or engagement, approved refund requests will be                        calculated according to the value and access provided. 

5.5       Where your payment method is via a payment plan, and a refund is approved, administrative costs ($50) will be                            calculated and deducted from the total fees owing to A New Leash on Life.

6.          Expectations 

6.1        Your commitment includes but is not limited to

●    completing the entire Program

●    watching all modules included in the Program

●    attending Zoom calls when possible

●    being open to feedback and direction

●    being open and receptive to new ideas and ways 

●    being willing and able to act upon the advice given within the Programs 

●    being present and engaged in the private Private Facebook Group

●    practising learnings with your dog in your own time

Private Facebook Group

6.2        The private Facebook Group is by invitation only for the Program Participants.

6.3        The sole purpose of the Private Facebook Group is to provide a private forum for Participants to ask questions, post                     video footage for review, and access coaching. 

6.4        You agree to abide by the Facebook Group rules of conduct, privacy and confidentiality of group discussions, member                 details and posts relating to their personal stories and businesses.  

6.5        You are prohibited from promoting your business, other Facebook groups and similar programs and courses to the                       Programs under this Agreement, in the Facebook Group or by private message to other group participants. 

6.6        Toxic, abusive and disrespectful conduct will result in removal from the Private Facebook Group. 

6.7        Sharing posts from the Facebook Group, including images, is strictly prohibited.  This conduct will result in immediate                    removal from the group.

6.8        You will respect the confidentiality of each Participant in all group coaching calls. 

6.9        You will not discuss another participant or their personal stories in an individual or professional context, outside the                       group, for any reason, without the Participant's express written permission.

When practice does not go to plan…

6.10     You agree to advise A New Leash on Life as soon as possible if you are unable to practice as advised or if your dog is                      reacting in a fashion other than described in the Program instructions so that alternative methods, where possible, can                be implemented. 

Technology issues

6.11     A New Leash on Life shall not be held responsible if there are any problems with the website or if the host or network                   should go down due to circumstances beyond our control.  However, we will do our best to get the system back up as                   soon as possible when it is within our control.

6.12     A New Leash on Life shall not be liable to you or any other party because of viruses or malware that may infect your or               the other party's electronic equipment. 

6.13      You agree that you:

a.    will not use any robot, spider or other devices, process or means to access the Programs;

b.    will not compromise or circumvent the security controls of the Programs or otherwise gain unauthorised access to the                 Programs; and

c.    will not attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Programs.

Program Dashboard

6.14     You must register your details to access the Program Dashboard's program content.

6.15     Upon registration, you will be issued a unique password. 

6.16     A new password may be requested at

6.17     Your login details will be shared with you at the email address provided at registration. 

6.18     You are responsible for ensuring the details you provide are correct and current. 

Password security 

6.19     You are solely responsible for the protection and confidentiality of any password you may have issued to or subscribed                  for from time to time.  

6.20    You will not share your password with any other person. 

6.21     You will notify us immediately if your password is lost or becomes known to anyone else. 

6.22     You are solely responsible for accessing and using this Site via your password, whether such access or use is by you or                  any other person.

6.23     The personal information you provide to the Program will be managed according to our Privacy Statement at insert link.


7.          Intellectual Property and Copyright

7.1        Keryn Bardwell is the creator of the Programs owned by A New Leash on Life. 

7.2        All material, including but not limited to videos, call recordings, and resource downloads, available in the Program and                  within any program created by Keryn Bardwell are the property of A New Leash on Life and their affiliates or licensors.                Accordingly, they are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. 

7.3        As a Program Participant, you are bound, at all times, to ensure that you do not breach our intellectual property rights                 at any time for any reason.

7.4        You may not use any of the materials available in the Program or any teaching platform in a manner that infringes on                    our rights or has not been expressly authorised by us.

7.5        All material, including but not limited to videos, call recordings, and resource downloads available in the Program and                   within any program created by Keryn Bardwell and owned by A New Leash on Life, is provided solely for your personal                 and non-commercial use. 

Use by licence only 

7.6        Use of materials for any other commercial purpose is prohibited without the express written permission of A New                         Leash on Life or Keryn Bardwell.

7.7        You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit,                or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email or other electronic means) any material from the Program or              related programs without the express permission of Keryn Bardwell or A New Leash on Life.  You may request such                      permission by emailing


8.          Disclaimer 

You understand and agree:

8.1        The goal of the A New Leash on Life Courses is to support dog owners who want to prevent or rehabilitate negative                      canine behaviours, especially dog owners who may live in rural areas without access to trainers, owners who may be shift              workers and cannot attend classes, owners who may have many family commitments or a busy lifestyle, or owners who                may be immunocompromised.

8.2        Our Programs cannot guarantee your ability to get results or improvements with your dogs or otherwise with the                         Programs, tools, ideas, information, or strategies provided.   

8.3        Every dog and puppy is different and has different aptitudes and attitudes. 

8.4        Every dog owner and dog home situation is different, so the Participant needs to ensure that our Programs are the                       suitable training methodology for their dogs before committing.

8.5        Results are dependent on various factors, including but not limited to your commitment, personal ability, and                                 dedication, and are in no way dependent on any information or strategy provided to you by A New Leash on Life.

8.6        You have purchased the Program at your own risk.

8.7        All content, resources and coaching are provided for personal use and information only.

8.8        A New Leash on Life does not offer any representations, warranties, or guarantees, verbally or in writing, regarding                       your results from the Programs.


8.9       Keryn Bardwell is not a qualified doctor or veterinarian. 

8.10     Keryn Bardwell does not claim to diagnose or heal the conditions of your dogs.

8.11      Keryn Bardwell will not give grooming or nutrition advice for your dogs. 

8.12     The information in our Programs is intended as, and must not be used as, a substitute or replacement for professional                  veterinarian advice or treatment.


9.          Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree:

9.1        Liability for the services provided by A New Leash on Life is governed solely by Australian Consumer Law and these                      Terms and Conditions.  

9.2       Nothing in these Terms removes your Statutory Rights as a consumer under Australian Consumer Law and any other                  relevant legislation. 

9.3       To the extent that A New Leash on Life is unable to exclude liability, total liability for loss or damage you suffer or incur                from services by A New Leash on Life is limited to re-supplying the Services to you or, at our option, refund to you the                amount you have paid for the Services to which your claim relates.


10.       Dispute Resolution

You understand and agree:

10.1       You will immediately contact A New Leash on Life with any concerns for quick and effective resolution through                             friendly consultation.

10.2      In the event of a dispute, you agree to the following Dispute Resolution Procedure:

a.       You must advise A New Leash on Life in writing of the nature of the dispute, the outcome you seek and what actions you             believe will settle the dispute. 

b.       In good faith, you agree to meet with a key representative of A New Leash on Life in person or via Zoom or Skype to seek             to resolve the dispute by Agreement and compromise.

c.      If an agreement cannot be reached to resolve the dispute, any party may refer the dispute for mediation to The Law                     Society of Victoria.

d.     Both parties must attend the mediation in good faith to seek to resolve the dispute.

10.3       Litigation via the court process may only be considered after a genuine attempt at mediation bought by either party is                 unsuccessful. 

10.4       Confidentiality is paramount to both parties' personal and professional reputations and standing in their business and                    community.

10.5       At no time will any communications or discussions be made public, including but not limited to any social media                            platforms or websites of either party. 

10.6       Any public discussion or comments about either party will be considered defamatory, harmful or damaging and will be                  the subject of compensation in any mediation or litigation claim.


11.       Governing Law 

You understand and agree:

11.1     The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are governed and construed under the laws of Victoria. 

11.2      Each party irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria.


Thank you for reading this Agreement.  


You accept the Program Terms and Conditions in this Agreement by proceeding with your payment.

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