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Dog Training

Two dogs wait at the door

Set your puppy or dog up for life, and love living with them! They'll become the well rounded canine family member of your dreams, able to listen when you need them to and fitting in the family. And you'll understand how to teach them effectively.

In our sessions together…

You’ll grow to truly know and understand your own dog – what do they like, dislike, fear, worry about or truly excel at – and form the type of bond that only comes from a deep and mutual relationship, and shared experiences.

You’ll confidently take them along to a friend’s BBQ, camping for a holiday or a day at the beach knowing that they are a joy to spend time with, and you trust them to behave politely around people and pets.

You’ll work through their obedience challenges and behavioural issues as they arise, making sure that you never arrive at a state of serious regret, frustration, or devastation, rather you feel only deep pride and satisfaction in them.

Choosing a Program Type

Consider the three types of programs that might suit your situation.

1. Fully In-Home Programs:

  • Perfect for those who feel uncomfortable heading into a group class

  • Great for those who feel like a group would be too overwhelming for their dog

  • Fully customised to your dog and your situation

2. Fully Online Programs:

  • perfect for those who are rural and cannot access classes or an in-home trainer

  • Great for shift workers who cannot commit to a regular class or lesson schedule

  • Awesome for busy families who find childcare difficult to arrange or access,

  • Perfect for people who are immunocompromised

  • The best option for those who simply don't have a large budget

3. The Combination Program:

  • Perfect for those who want access to me, your trainer, in your home on a regular/semi-regular basis

  • Access to your trainer daily in the online classroom for questions or issues

  • Watch the online lessons, review, and practice in your own time, anytime

A Groodle Dog lays on a dog bed
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