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A New Leash on Life Dog Training

Keryn Bardwell - Head Trainer

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Keryn Bardwell
Keryn Bardwell

Want to talk it over?

Bernese Mountain Dog puppy sits

Puppy class to far away?
Unhappy with the way puppy classes run?

Dalmatian puppy

Bringing home a new puppy? 
Grab my free New Puppy Welcome Home Kit!

German Shepherd Dog

Not sure what dog training option you should choose?

A New Leash on Life Dog Training team

Got a Dog Training question? Ready to book a session?

German Shepherd Dog holds a sit and stay

Find it difficult to get to a class?
Find it expensive to have a trainer come to you?

Danish Spitz Dog

Seven Reasons to Stop treating your dog like a baby 
Grab my free download!

Poodle X Dog holds a drop

In-Home training programs to suit every dog & owner

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