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Dog Training
Melbourne and Beyond

Are you ready to balance out an unbalanced relationship?

Are you tired of waiting for your dog to "grow out of it"?

Are you frustrated with your dog's behaviours and even more frustrated with the dog training that you have tried so far?
Have you worked hard on their training at home but nothing you have done works when you get out into the real world?
Do you feel like you've tried everything and nothing really works?

Well it's time to try a different approach!

A New Leash on Life Dog Training is styled around reward based training - but without the need for food treats - counterbalanced by canine accountability. Basically, this means we'll be learning to reward our dogs, without relying on food, and at the same time learning to say no, and mean it, without your dog laughing at you, ignoring you, or cowering in fear.

If you are truly ready to balance out that lopsided relationship then get in touch with me today. During our chat we'll consider your dog, your situation, your aims and your logistics, and then we'll sort out the right option for you to try with your dog.

Hi, I'm Keryn - Head Trainer

My Team - Miki, Zander & Jaffa

In the meantime, consider the three types of programs that might suit you and your dog

Dog training student Ted Toy Poodle

1. Fully In-Home Programs:

  • Perfect for people or dogs who feel uncomfortable heading into a group class

  • Perfect for dogs who would be overwhelmed or unsafe in a group environment

  • Fully customised to your dog and your situation

  • Suitable for clients in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, West Gippsland, and other areas by agreement (extra travel charges may apply for distant clients)

2. Fully Online Programs:

  • Perfect for rural dog owners who cannot access classes or in-home training

  • A great choice for shift workers who cannot commit to regular training

  • An easy choice for busy families who find childcare difficult to access

  • Suitable for people who are immunocompromised and prefer to minimise contact

  • Awesome for those dog owners who don't have a large budget

Online program student Sterling German Shepherd
Online program student Reggie Labrador

3. The Combination Program:

  • Perfect for those who like online learning but want some in-person support

  • Access your pre-recorded content anywhere, anytime

  • Implement and practice your foundation obedience & behavioural skills daily

  • Semi-regular in-person support from me, your trainer, to help you with things that need a bit more work or are out of the ordinary

  • Daily contact with me in our online classroom for routine support

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